June Buggin’ but Forever Hating

And how you doin’ with yo Hatin’ ass?

Our next show at The Royale is coming up soon. June 11th to be exact.



Fuck Joffery, amirite?

That picture is super grainy. This month’s Haters include “Stutterin’ ass Hater” Feel Woods (filling in for “Absentee Hater” Kelly Anneken), “Dark & Cuddly Hater” David Gborie, “Liker of Fires Hater” Dan Mires, & “Luxurious Hair Like an Indian Chick Hater” Andrew Orolfo.

And of course, your Hatin’ ass hosts, Josef Anolin & Chris Riggins.

There will be Powerpoints, Games, and of course, Hate Hate Hate!!


2 thoughts on “June Buggin’ but Forever Hating

    • sorry for the late response. I’ve been in the midst of a move for the past month and a half and been really busy. We did have a show on July 9th (I’m assuming that was a typo) and will continue to have shows on the 2nd Wednesday’s of the month.

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