Officially hating every month! Next Show: May 14th!

Great news, Haters!

Cafe Royale has given us the green light to continue doing our show! That means every 2nd Wednesday of the month you can find us telling jokes & tearing each other down on the corner of 800 Post & Leavenworth. Here, check what we got coming next month:



Joining me once again is my Co-host Chris Riggins and his ugly hat. This guy kicks it with famous people.


Thats Mos Def on the Left, Chris and his ugly hat on the right.

Also joining us this month we have returning Hater Supreme Kaseem Bentley, Sasquatch Hater Butch Escobar, “Looked like a pedophile before hipsters made it trendy” Hater Matt Lieb, and “Drinks too many damn energy drinks” Hater Leslie Small.

We’re also still experimenting with the show’s format to keep things fresh and unpredictable, so come ready to not only laugh, but also to join in and play some Hater Games as well.

Hope to see y’all Hatin’ asses there!

Josef Anolin