Hi, Haters. You know wassup. Same main cast of characters bringing you the hate. It’s gonna be better than throwing eggs at your asshole teacher’s house. New audience games too. Yup.


Next Show: September 10th



September Flyer. Also, we’ve added Resident Hater Mimi Vilemenay to our roster. Last month’s show was really good. Not bad for a bunch of shit talking bitter nobody comedians. The HATE is STRONG!

– Josef

August’s Gloop AKA Haters Returns Aug. 13th

Hi Haters!

August is almost here, and I’m excited to announce the line-up for the upcoming Haters Gonna Hate Comedy show at The Royale.


Joining resident Haters Chris Riggins, Kaseem Bentley, and Josef Anolin this month – The Caucasians of Comedy: Jane Harrison, Chris John, Roman Leo, & Drew Platt. Ok, so they don’t go by that name… We just gave it to them. As always, expect a night of funny, good-natured, mean-spirited, stand-up comedy as well as some raucous audience games, and of course lots of HATE HATE HATE!!

Secondly, most folks who’ve found out about us have done so through SF Funcheap. So a big Haters “Thank You!” to them. If you have some time, “Like” us over on their site here or here. We’d appreciate it.

Finally, we dropped the ball a bit by not promoting our July Haters Gonna Hate show here on the site. I’ve been in the midst of a move and wasn’t able to get it done. Despite this we had a packed out show and had a really great time, and our featured comedians, Ron Chapman, Trevor Hill, and Charles Kelly did a great job. Here’s the flyer you didn’t see.

10511138_10152185599856724_5338118542940515740_n Alright, well, that’s it. See you August 13th!

June Buggin’ but Forever Hating

And how you doin’ with yo Hatin’ ass?

Our next show at The Royale is coming up soon. June 11th to be exact.



Fuck Joffery, amirite?

That picture is super grainy. This month’s Haters include “Stutterin’ ass Hater” Feel Woods (filling in for “Absentee Hater” Kelly Anneken), “Dark & Cuddly Hater” David Gborie, “Liker of Fires Hater” Dan Mires, & “Luxurious Hair Like an Indian Chick Hater” Andrew Orolfo.

And of course, your Hatin’ ass hosts, Josef Anolin & Chris Riggins.

There will be Powerpoints, Games, and of course, Hate Hate Hate!!

Officially hating every month! Next Show: May 14th!

Great news, Haters!

Cafe Royale has given us the green light to continue doing our show! That means every 2nd Wednesday of the month you can find us telling jokes & tearing each other down on the corner of 800 Post & Leavenworth. Here, check what we got coming next month:



Joining me once again is my Co-host Chris Riggins and his ugly hat. This guy kicks it with famous people.


Thats Mos Def on the Left, Chris and his ugly hat on the right.

Also joining us this month we have returning Hater Supreme Kaseem Bentley, Sasquatch Hater Butch Escobar, “Looked like a pedophile before hipsters made it trendy” Hater Matt Lieb, and “Drinks too many damn energy drinks” Hater Leslie Small.

We’re also still experimenting with the show’s format to keep things fresh and unpredictable, so come ready to not only laugh, but also to join in and play some Hater Games as well.

Hope to see y’all Hatin’ asses there!

Josef Anolin

Next show: April 9, 2014

 If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.

– Herman Hesse


March marked our return like Mark Morrison and Jedis. We’re looking forward to April! Catch Chris Riggins and I acting like these two fools while our buddies perform. Statler&Waldorf-BalconyBox

More info on this months’ Haters:

Papp Johnson
Anthony K
Lydia Popovich
Stroy Moyd

Hope to see your hatin’ asses there!